Regulations of complaints

Complaints regulations

1. General

In order to ensure that persons from outside our office and those working with us or our office are able to raise alleged irregularities within or outside our office without jeopardizing their legal position in accordance with the Further Requirements for Quality Systems (NVKS), Amace Financial Suport BV and Amace Audit & Assurance B.V. (hereinafter: Amace) about a complaints procedure. This complaints procedure ensures that complaints are handled carefully, confidentially and in a timely manner. This complaints procedure also ensures that the irregularities complained about are dealt with promptly by taking appropriate measures when a complaint proves to be well-founded. This with the aim of preventing repetition.

The complaints procedure is published on both our website and our quality system.

The management of Amace guarantees employees who pass on reports to the quality determinant on the basis of this complaints regulation, that the report will in no way negatively influence his / her functioning within the office, or his / her career.

2. Scope

This complaints procedure relates to the following situations:

  • Acts that lead to criminal offenses by Amace or its employees;
  • All actual or suspected violations of laws and regulations by Amace or its employees;
  • All actual or suspected violations of the quality policy and / or the quality control system of Amace by employees;
  • (Threatening) intimidation of employees by colleagues or managers;
  • (Threatening) unlawful destruction or manipulation of data or information;
  • All situations that in the opinion of a reporter qualify for reporting to the quality determinant.

3. Procedure

If there is a situation that falls within the scope of this complaints regulation, the reporter has the option to report this to the Amace quality assessor;

The notification under this regulation by both internal and external persons only takes place digitally via

The quality determinant confirms the report to the reporter within five working days. The quality determinant also informs the reporter how and within what period his report will be processed. This period is no later than three weeks after receipt of the notification.

The quality determinant notifies the notifier at the latest after three weeks about the handling of the report and, if applicable, the measures that have been taken. If this period can not be met due to unforeseen circumstances, the quality determinant informs the reporter about this and indicates the period in which the reporter will be informed about the completion of his report.

Reports that relate to an (imminent) violation of laws and regulations or the quality policy and / or the quality control system of Amace are in all cases handled by the quality determiner with due observance of the confidentiality.

4. Confidentiality

The report, the correspondence about this, the handling and recording are made on the basis of confidentiality with regard to the name and address details of the reporter, unless the reporter relieves the quality adjuster from his duty of confidentiality.