Amace, your next level

Amace is an innovative service provider in accountancy. We create freedom for our relationships. Financial freedom, but we are also the strategic sparring partner that takes you further. Your next level.

About Amace

Let us introduce Amace to you: at Amace we aim to offer our clients as much 'freedom' as possible. All our activities are therefore aimed to relieve our clients as much as we possibly can. We are very involved with our clients, understand their companies and the people behind it. We always try to go a little further and get the impossible done.

We communicate in an easy and clear language that is understandable to our clients. We offer high-quality services that we design in a practical way. Amace is specialized in providing tailor-made financial and tax services to entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized enterprises.

With our young, dynamic and enthusiastic team of about 30 professionals are we the experts in our field. Innovation is a 'must' for us and we are constantly looking to improve ourselves. We do this with great pleasure: fun with our team, but also with our clients.

Amace, your next level

Our services

Audit & Assurance

Obtaining assurance with the annual accounts can be a legal obligation. We have a WTA license and a professional audit team is ready to provide an audit for you. The Audit & Assurance division deals with various assurance assignments. These assignments can for example consist of:

  • Auditor's report to the annual accounts;
  • Auditor's report on a grant statement account;
  • Review report to the annual accounts;
  • Special audit reports, such as a statement of surcharges, declaration of insured interest.

We use a risk-based approach, we work with advanced software that can easily communicate with your administrative software. We will carry out the audit efficient, thorough and quality being of importance to us. In a proactive way we think along with your organization, the identified risks and risk management with the objective of further optimizing the primary processes within your organization.

Transaction services

Every entrepreneur gets to deal with the following questions:

  • What is the value of the company?
  • How and at what price could I sell my company?
  • I want to aquire a company; what steps do I have to take?
  • My company needs corporate funding; how would I arrange this?
  • The structure of my company is not optimal; how do I achieve an optimal structure legal and tax wise?

We are an official RV office, the Transactions services team consists of independent specialists in the valuation of companies and is led by a Register Valuator (RV). As an RV office we can do more to be of service to you, we also assist with the dealmaking if that is needed.

Realtime financieel dashboard

Timely and up-to-date management information is important for every company. As a financial adviser, we assist you in setting up an effective and efficient management information system.

With the entrepreneur the wishes and options will be explained and discussed. Our services can be tailored according to the required needs and wishes. We deliver a tailor-made service to suit every question and situation. Even better, we can take over the entire financial accounting for you.

In addition, we have a financial dashboard available with realized figures, the possibility to include a forecast that can be compared with the budget and the figures for the previous year. With insight into the financial state of affairs in your company, you can timely respond to current developments and thus control your company.


Our professionals specialize in advising in specialty fields that vary from tax, business, economics and legal advice. Our team can assist you, among other things, in restructuring your company, advising on future tax obligations and the transfer of one-man business to a private company.

As an entrepreneur you have to deal with tax obligations and other tax matters in which we can advise you. Furthermore, during the setup and supervision of the financial administration, we can gather valuable information about your business processes. Based on this information, we will advise you on improvements in the internal control of these processes.

Payroll administration & HRM

If you employ staff, a payroll administration will have to be carried out. With the help of innovative online tools we can take your payroll processing and HRM out of your hands. The ever changing agreements and regulations are complex, our professionals from the payroll Administration and HRM division specialize in this field. We offer a package of services tailored to the specific needs of the company. We have all the up to date knowledge to take care of your payroll and to answer all your questions quickly and adequately.

Annual Reports

Every entrepreneur needs annual figures regardless of the legal form. On the one hand these figures are important to provide the entrepreneur with insight into the financial position of the company. On the other hand, the annual figures can also serve as an accountability tool towards bankers or other financiers, shareholders, tax authorities, the Chamber of Commerce, etc. Private and public limited companies are  legally obliged to draw up annual accounts and the obligation to publish at the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands.

We take care of the composition of the annual accounts and the tax returns on the basis of the financial administration. We ensure that the annual figures meet all legal requirements and formalities. In consultation with the entrepreneur, we will, where necessary, include financial information focused at your own company.


  • Update corona: verlenging steunpakketten

    Door drs. Arlo van der Meer RA RV op 18/12/2020

    Afgelopen woensdag heeft het kabinet een nieuw steun- en herstelpakket voor banen en economie gepresenteerd. De NOW blijft in het eerste kwartaal van 2021 gelijk aan het vierde kwartaal van 2020. De TVL is uitgebreid. De TONK (Tijdelijke Ondersteuning Noodzakelijke Kosten) is een nieuwe regeling. Wij houden de van toepassing zijnde steunmaatregelen voor onze relaties in de gaten en zullen deze aanvragen of afstemmen.


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  • Wijziging regelgeving UBO

    Door Ellen van Velzen MSc op 10/11/2020

    Als gevolg van Europese regels is sprake van nieuwe regelgeving met betrekking tot de UBO, ofwel Ultimate Beneficial Owner. Deze nieuwe regelgeving heeft als doel om financieel-economische criminaliteit tegen te gaan. Vanaf 27 september 2020 hebben organisaties de verplichting tot registratie van de UBO in het UBO-register. Er is een overgangsperiode voor bestaande organisaties, uiterlijk 27 maart 2022 dienen organisaties hun UBO te registreren.

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  • Update corona: aanvulling op derde steunmaatregel

    Door Nickey Hogenboom op 04/11/2020

    De gevolgen van de huidige opleving van het coronavirus en de daardoor getroffen maatregelen hebben flinke gevolgen voor de economie. Het kabinet heeft het derde steunpakket verder aangepast om getroffen ondernemers door deze crisis heen te helpen. Ze stellen extra geld beschikbaar voor ondernemers, zo krijgt de horeca een eenmalige subsidie op aangelegde en nu onbruikbare voorraad. Ook komen meer sectoren in aanmerking voor de Tegemoetkoming Vaste Lasten (TVL). Daarnaast worden er ook steunmaatregelen opgezet om de evenementenbranche te helpen, die vaak een groot deel van de jaaromzet in de zomermaanden verdient.

    Het derde steunpakket is zo ontworpen dat het gebruik ervan meebeweegt met omzetverlies. Kort gezegd: hoe meer omzetverlies, hoe meer steun. Ook biedt het pakket ruimte aan mensen en bedrijven om zich aan te passen aan een nieuwe situatie en is het waar nodig een steun in de rug.
    De maatregelen zijn een aanvulling op dat derde steunpakket. Wij zullen de maatregelen voor onze relaties zoveel als mogelijk in overleg aanvragen. 


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You can count on Amace

Amace is an innovative provider in accountancy. We create freedom for our relationships. Financial freedom, but we are also the strategic sparring partner that takes you further.

Your next level.

We are part of your team

We are involved with our clients, understand their business and private situation and are a sounding board on a financial, but also on a strategic level. We give advice based on decisions and wishes of our clients. We are the back-up behind the entrepreneur, the trusted advisor. We proactively carry out our work based on your needs.

Understandable language, clear choices

We communicate with our clients in understandable and clear language. We keep the lines short and our clients have a permanent employee as contact person for each division. Through this method we get to know our clients well and therefore can offer direct and personal contact.

Welcoming, driven and eager to learn

We are open and accessible. We find it important that our clients feel at home in our office and they are always welcome for advice with a cup of tea or coffee. With our Amace Academy we keep our team sharp and informed of all changes and new developments within our field.

Always better than the rest

We want to improve ourselves every day, are always looking for new challenges within our field. That is our passion. And we do this in a way to optimally serve our clients.

Our team

Jobs at Amace

Our professional team is always growing. Therefor we are always looking for the best professionals to join our team. Our vacancies are always in Dutch. Do you see yourself in our profile, please do not hesitate to contact us through or our main phone number. At this moment we have an opening for the following vacancies: 

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Jobs at Amace


We are always looking forward to meeting you, would you like more information and meet our team please contact us.

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